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Red Dragon is your trusted provider of quality Kratom in your area. With a 30-day full satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, we are happy to announce that we can ship our products straight to you. If you are looking for a certified provider of Kratom, choose Red Dragon.

Superior Grade Premium Kratom

While Kratom is legal in most cities, it can be hard to find this product in just any regular store. If you are looking for superior grade premium Kratom in your city, you will have to shop with a niche provider like Red Dragon. Our Kratom powder is completely organic and is shipped to you in a discreet box that is packaged and handled with care.

At Red Dragon, you can enjoy exceptional customer service. Our team members are ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect Kratom powder for your needs. We are the best provider of Kratom around.

What are the benefits of Kratom?

Many Kratom users have used our products for chronic pain, as they claim that these powders offer a reprieve from ongoing aches with their all-natural sedation and muscle relaxing properties. Kratom has also been said to act as an organic stimulant, as our customers have raved about increased energy, sociability, and alertness when the powder is taken in small amounts.

Kratom Strains Explained

Before we get into our products, we’d like to explain what we mean when we talk about “Borneo,” “Bentuangie,” or any of the other strains you see in our store. At Red Dragon, we’ve developed and/or sourced a variety of Kratom strains which we’ve then developed into our various powders. This fine-tuned process ensures that there is a variety of products to choose from, and it helps our customers find the perfect Kratom strain for their needs. It’s important to know the effects, origins, and benefits of all our strains so that you are guaranteed to have a good first impression when you purchase one of our Kratom powders.

Many People Love Bali Kratom

Let’s start off by saying that this strain does not originate from Bali. Actually, this Kratom strain is a hybrid mixture of Borneo and Sumatra. So why is it called “Bali”? Well, Bali Kratom has been said to bring pain relief and energy. When you purchase Red Dragon’s Bali Kratom, you may think of the Indonesian island of Bali, a dream vacation spot where you can relax and re-energize.

At Red Dragon, we offer a variety of Bali Kratom strains that we can ship to you quickly. Shop our Bali Kratom below:

Bentuangie Kratom Shipped Straight To Our Customers

Bentuangie Kratom is grown in west Borneo, which is a large island divided into four political regions. West Borneo contains the Indonesian region of Kalimantan, which is precisely where Bentuangie Kratom is grown.

After the Bentuangie Kratom plant is harvested, it goes through a special fermenting process that is unique to this particular strain. The fermenting process gives our Bentuangie Kratom a sharp aroma and very strong alkaloid potency.

Red Dragon’s Bentuangie Kratom is popular for a few reasons. It’s unique fermenting process means that this strain is pretty rare, since the process yields less product. Because of it’s alkaloid potency, this strain is also pretty strong. If you see our Bentuangie Kratom in stock, you might want to go ahead and buy it before we run out of our limited supply. Get Bentuangie Kratom shipped to your residence! Shop our powders below:

We Ship Borneo Kratom

Unlike Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom is actually grown on its namesake island. This region’s climate provides ideal conditions for growing Kratom. When harvested, this plant has a pungent fragrance and potent alkaloid content. The Kratom produced from Borneo is believed to be one of the strongest strains you can find on the market today.

At Red Dragon, our Borneo Kratom has a strong potency and diverse alkaloid profile, which makes this strain very popular among our customers. Shop our Borneo Kratom below:

Dragon Kratom – Our Unique Strain

This strain is unique to Red Dragon, so you can’t find it anywhere else. Our Dragon Kratom is carefully harvested from old-growth Mitragyna speciosa trees in the dense and lush Kalimantan tropical forest of west Borneo.

We encourage our customers to try this new, original Kratom strain for themselves and see the benefits this powder can have on their life. Get Dragon Kratom shipped to your home. Shop our powders below:

Our Customers Love Elephant Kratom

This strain is grown in Southeast Asia. The Mitragyna speciosa trees here have the largest leaves of any other Kratom plant. They look a bit like elephant ears, which is why this strain is called Elephant Kratom.

Elephant Kratom has an advantage over other strains. Because the Mitragyna speciosa leaves of this strain are so large, they offer more yield in powder and also a higher concentration of alkaloids. Even our customers have noticed increased potency in this strain.

Red Dragon ships our Elephant Kratom to your door very quickly. Enjoy free shipping and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Shop our Elephant Kratom powders below:

Maeng Da Kratom is Highly Sought

Grown in the humidity and heat of Indonesia, Maeng Da Kratom contains a high potency that makes it effective. Users of this strain have claimed to have pain relief while providing an energy stimulant. You may be familiar with the jittery, unfocused side effects of other energy-boosting products. Well, you can throw all of those away because our White & Red Maeng Da Kratom powders have none of that. With these strains, you can enjoy a focusing energy that allows you to be productive without worrying about a crash. However, for customers using our Green Maeng Da, we recommend that you take this powder in small doses, as too much can cause extreme jitteriness.

At Red Dragon, we want to keep our Maeng Da Kratom available to our customers. We are happy to ship to your home in discreet, secure packaging. Shop our Maeng Da Kratom below:

Vein Kratom

At Red Dragon, our Vein Kratoms differ depending on what Kratom powder you choose. Our Red Vein Kratom is sourced from Thailand’s forests, while our White Vein Kratom is cultivated in west Borneo. You should also note that White Vein Kratom is rare because it does not grow often in nature, compared to other Vein Kratom strains. Our Gold Vein Kratom is a hybrid from Borneo and Sumatra. This is actually a Red Vein that is dried through a specialized, unique process. Because of this, it has a high alkaloid content.

Whichever strain you choose, Red Dragon can ship our Vein Kratom powders to your home. Try one of our Vein Kratom products today!

Malay Kratom

At Red Dragon, we currently have only one Malay Kratom strain, which is our Green Malay Kratom. Can you guess where this is grown? If you guessed Malaysia, you’re right. Our Green Malay Kratom flourishes in the unique soil composition of the forests in the mountainous regions of the Malaysian countryside. These unique growing conditions thickens the cell wall density of the Green Malay Kratom, which adds longevity to the user experience of this strain. 

If you’re looking for a long lasting Kratom powder, choose our Green Malay. We can ship this interesting Kratom powder to anywhere!

Indo Kratom

Like the Malay Kratom, Red Dragon currently only carries one strain of Indo Kratom. Our White Indo Kratom powder has been said to be a great, all-natural solution for pain relief and relaxation. This strain is cultivated in the old forests of Indonesia, where the natives have used this plant for medicinal purposes for some time. Like the White Vein, the White Indo occurs less often in nature, so our supplies are limited in this strain.

Whichever Kratom powder strain you choose, know that Red Dragon can ship our products to your residence fast. We are happy to serve our customers in Midtown and surrounding cities. Browse our Kratom powders today!

Kratom Powder Just For You

At Red Dragon, we like to give our customers a wide variety of products to choose from. We offer many different strains of Kratom powder, and you can even purchase sample packs to find the product that works best for your needs. All of our Kratom powder is:

  • 100% Natural
  • Pesticide Free
  • Herbicide Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Lab Tested

When you shop at Red Dragon, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting safe, consistent, premium quality Kratom powder with every purchase you make and shipping is fast!

Red Kratom Powder

Made from the fully matured Mitragyna speciosa, our customers have claimed that red Kratom is great for anxiety and/or insomnia. Red Kratom is an organic, mild sedative that helps you relax and let go of your worry. 

Practice mindfulness with Red Dragon’s red Kratom powder. For your complete satisfaction, we have developed a variety of red Kratom strains. Our red Kratom powders include:

Red Dragon encourages happy mental health with the help of our all-natural red Kratom powder. Enjoy being completely relaxed and at-ease with these safe products. Get free shipping when you buy our red Kratom powder!

Green Kratom Powder

Made from the maturing Mitragyna speciosa, green Kratom is wonderful for people who are seeking more positivity in their life. Green Kratom is a natural substance that can bring the user euphoria, all-around good vibes, and increased sociability.

Red Dragon carries a variety of Green Kratom, so you are sure to find the perfect product to help you find your happy place. Our green Kratom strains include:

Encourage more positivity in your life with Red Dragon’s green Kratom powder. Let us ship one of our products to you today!

White Kratom Powder

Made from the young Mitragyna speciosa, white Kratom is great for people who struggle through their daily tasks. White Kratom is a natural energizer, and will lift your spirits while helping you stay focused on your daily to-do’s.

At Red Dragon, we offer a wide variety of white Kratom strains to better suit your needs and improve your lifestyle. Our white Kratom powder strains include:

Red Dragon is here to help you with any questions you may have about our White Kratom Powder. We can help you find the strain that you’re looking for. Start shopping through our white Kratom powder today and enjoy free shipping!

Gold Kratom Powder

Made from a combination of concentrated Kratom alkaloids and natural Kratom leaves, gold Kratom is a superior alternative to coffee, since the Kratom tree it grows from is actually related to the coffee plant. With gold Kratom, you can enjoy the boost you’d get from a cup of coffee, but without the crash. Gold Kratom is also said to relieve pain, enhance your mood, and give you the stimulation you need to take your tasks head-on.

The production of gold Kratom involves an exact science that, when performed correctly, creates a product that is safe and effective. If there is even one single misstep in this heavily involved process, the gold Kratom will be ruined and unusable. Red Dragon prides itself on our consistent, quality gold Kratom batches. Shop our gold Kratom powders below:

Gold Kratom is a highly-concentrated product that is very popular among our customers due to how powerful it is. See for yourself why our gold Kratom powder is one of our best sellers. Red Dragon can ship any of our gold Kratom powders to you!

Kratom Powder Blends Consumers Love

What do you do if you need the benefits of different Kratom powders at the same time? Red Dragon has the answer with our quality Kratom powder blends. We’ve done the hard work for you by expertly combining our Kratom powders into blends that harmonize well with each other. Our Kratom professionals create consistent, quality Kratom powder blends for you to enjoy. Shop our blends below:

Red Dragon is made up of a team of certified professionals with experience on how to develop and mix Kratom powders. Our originally-crafted Kratom powder blends can be shipped. Enjoy free shipping and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee when you shop with Red Dragon!

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are a convenient way for you to enjoy Kratom. Whether you’re on the go or in a hurry, our Kratom capsules allow you to improve your day with little to no work on your part. Take advantage of the compact powders in these capsules, and enjoy the all-natural benefits that follow.

Red Dragon enjoys making things easier for our customers, which is why we’ve taken steps to provide many of our Kratom powders in capsule form. Shop our Kratom capsules below:

Our Kratom Capsules can be bought in 50, 100, and 250 capsule amounts. Stock up on our Kratom capsules and enjoy free shipping to your residence!

Shop Kratom

Red Dragon is proud to provide top-quality, safe, and consistent Kratom products for you. We offer free shipping and a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. We package our Kratom products in secure, discreet boxes and ship our products to your home in a timely manner. Our customer support is available for questions about our products. Our team can consult with you and help you find the perfect strain for your needs.

Trust Red Dragon for superior grade, premium Kratom products. Shop our Kratom strains today or contact us with your questions.

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